1. She’s so cute :3 I don’t want to leave my babies again!

  2. 'You have some food there, can I have some please?' She's just like my old dog Sally now… It must come with age

  3. Dad went down to the shops and came back with a fredo ice cream cake since I didn’t get a cake for my birthday :3 best dad ever haha

  4. So all this was $70… Urgh I hate karratha

  5. Those pilbara prices… And this is why you can’t live here unless you work in the mines

  6. Been up since 4am but I’m finally home for the holidays :D @courtneydedman and @maddi_son_san got me a pillow pet for my birthday :3 wanted one of these for ages!

  7. Something tells me Dylan doesn’t want me to go back home for the holidays…

  8. Birthday churros <3 #sanchurros #marion #sanchurrosmarion #nom #chocolate #food #dessert #birthday

  9. Should be illegal to be up this early for a uni field trip on a Saturday -.- the suns still coming up! D:

  10. May have went to Coles just to buy this icecream. Sounds so nom! #princessbubblegum #adventuretime #nom #icecream

  11. So I’ve never actually played Pokemon before even though I watched the movies and had the cards. Thought it’s about time I give it ago. If no one hears from me all weekend, you know why…

  12. I present to you my stupid cat luna… She crawled up one of my long dresses then went in the middle of multiple clothes hangers, and eventually slipped out of them all and fell to the ground… -.- cats… #cat #kitten #stupid

  13. @XboxLiveRewards sent me a birthday cake to put together for my birthday on the weekend and I thought putting together a cake is much better than uni work :D thanks Xbox! #xboxliverewardsbirthday #xboxlive #xbox #birthday

  14. spookyy-mulder:



    foxes are the most important animals on earth

    im going to keep reblogging this until it isn’t cute anymore

    i found dem alienz scully

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  15. Collections coming together thanks to my birthday presents from dyl :3 had to convince him to let me have them early though